Rocky's Update 12/3/2018

Rocky’s Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening 

As many of you are hopefully aware, we reopened the store on Sunday after nine long days of uncertainty.  For those who have not heard the whole story, we had what was likely hundreds of gallons of water on the roof of the building on Thanksgiving night due to a clogged downspout.  Unfortunately, much of that water made its way into the store as well. 

The timing of the flooding was particularly challenging as it was extremely difficult to quickly gather the resources (insurance, roofer, water remediation, construction, etc.) over the holiday weekend.  When we did finally find the right people to address the problem, it took a few days for a crew to pull down the paneling, remove all the water damaged plaster, lathe and old wallpaper, dry the area and rebuild the wall.    

The outpouring of good wishes, concern, love and, in some cases, panic about having to shop at chain stores that we’ve heard from all of you has been wonderful and has helped sustain us through what has been a tough stretch.  Many of you have asked what you can do to help.  First and foremost, please help us get the word out to your friends and neighbors and let them know that we are open for business.  Social media posts, things like NextDoor, or just a conversation in passing on the way to work, all these things help immensely. 

You might also recall the just prior to Thanksgiving, our business, like many others in Oakland, was down significantly as a result of the fires and the smoke, so we were already treading water leading up to the flood (fires and floods…hopefully no locusts on the horizon).  So, another good way to help is the obvious one; we humbly ask that you come in and shop.  We heard from so many of you how much you missed our store during the brief closure.  It’s nice to know that efforts we put in to making this place more than just a grocery store has found an audience in this community.  With your continued support, we hope to be here for the long haul. 



We are continuing to raise money and support for a family who was displaced by the Camp Fire.  Corinne drove a car full of food, supplies and the cash we raised at the check stands ($500) up to Chico today. 

Jessica, Madi, Megan and Cade are currently sharing a single room in Jessica’s estranged mother’s home  and they face challenges that put anything we’ve been through in to the proper perspective; Jessica’s husband died of ALS a year ago, her daughter tried to commit suicide in the spring, and when they were fleeing their burning house, one of their pit bulls, Sassafrass, had a massive heart attack and died in their arms. They have been through a lot and Jess feels depleted.  Let’s help raise them up from the ashes and into a home of their own.   

Jess and her family have a unique opportunity to buy a house near schools, transportation and downtown Chico.  It’s a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house, just perfect for them.  They need $10,000 down by mid January.    

Let’s show them what the Rocky’s community is all about and see if we can help them help them into the stabilty they need. 

Much Love and Happy Hannukah from Corinne and Brady and the Rocky’s Team 


Jessica's daughter, Megan, grandson, Cade (turning 4 Dec 18), Corinne, Jessica and daughter, Madi
Jessica's daughter, Megan, grandson, Cade (turning 4 Dec 18), Corinne, Jessica and daughter, Madi

Thanksgiving Indeed 11/23/2018


The Great Flood of Thanksgiving 2018

Our roof started leaking around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Night and we sustained significant water damage which has prevented us from reopening.  We are currently managing the confusion that comes with working with insurance companies (spoiler alert:  it’s a kind of hell on Earth) and contractors (slightly less hellish).  There are several issues with the facility that we’re dealing with all at once and as of today, we do not have an estimated projection for reopening.   

We can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes, kind words and notes of concern.  We have the greatest customers in the world.  We hope to see you all again very soon. 


But How Can We Help???

Great question, dear readers.  Let’s all remember to help those who are really in need.  The folks affected by the Camp Fire continue to face a crisis and we’re raising money for those in need.  We’ve selected a family to whom we’d like our community to focus donations.  You can learn more about them, their needs and the program here:

Through your generosity, we’ve already raised over $1000 dollars.  Let’s do what we can.


Close the deal

A Slight Return 

Seems like only a watery eye and a cough ago, but remember when the skies were choked with smoke for a week or so?  During that time, our business was down almost 35% as people fled for Tahoe’s blue air or the sanctuary of Netflix on the couch.  We talked to a lot of other Oakland business owners in our orbit and they had the same experience.   

Small businesses like ours live on a razor’s edge.  Week to week, even day to day we watch “The Number,” which is our daily sales figure.  Good number, good day; bad number and there’s hand wringing. 

We’re coming into the season of spending….er…giving I mean of course.  Please, please take the opportunity to vote with your dollar and shop local as much as you can.  A dollar spent at Target is a drop in the ocean.  A dollar at a little store is a reason to celebrate.   

Shopping local creates strong communities.   

We would like to thank you for the outpouring of love and support. We love our community and miss you all!  We have the greatest customers in the world!

Thanks, and all the love in the world to you, 

Corinne, Brady and The Rocky’s Team